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  • Winning at Nundah - by Fless

    Winning at the Nundah Criterium Circuit - by Fless
  • 14th Dec 2019 Nundah Results

    14th Dec 2019 Nundah Results

    14th Dec 2019 Nundah Results Junior Handicap 2nd Peyton S. 1st Bella P. 3rd Eli M. A Grade Mark Creaby, Peter Oddson, Alan Jones, Mick Cole B1 John Carr (Prime) Greg Sakzewski (4th), Peter Davidson, Shannon Duggan, Adam Robinson, Faye Goodyear B2 Grade Troy Dawson (Prime), Andrew James, Mark Cane, John Chapman, Dean Williams (4th) C1 Kim Flesser, Peter Gumbley, Ethan Lang D Grade Roger Bower, Mick Wilkinson, Bob McIntyre Photos to come, but here is the D grade winner Mick Wilkinson. 89 years old...
  • Wed 11th Dec 2019 Twilight Series Round 3 Results

    Wed 11th Dec 2019 Twilight Series Round 3 Results

    Wed 11th Dec 2019 Twilight Series Round 3 Results Luckily the rain stayed away and we got some good racing in. Juniors C Nathan U., Max H., Matilda F. Juniors B Sam H., Jonathan M., Bodhi D. Juniors A JC, Liam B., Matt M., Harvey M., Villo H.
  • 7th December 2019 Lakeside Results

    7th December 2019 Lakeside Results

    7th December 2019 Lakeside Results C2 Grade Alexanda Larsson, Keely Henderson C1 Grade Stephanie Leech (1st unplaced Lady), Steven Reibelt, Wesley Vos, Ryan Croft, Rory Larsson (first U15) B2 Grade Will Massson (Prime), Matt Mihatov, Ephraim Marterson, Tyson Cash, Ned Paddison (4th)
  • Wed 4th Dec 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 2 Results

    Wed 4th Dec 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 2 Results

    Wed 4th Dec 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 2 Results (Points score at the bottom) Thanks to our volunteers: Chief Commissaire: Pete McDonald Assistant Commissaires: Denise Roberts, Rene Lubbers Marshalls:Anthony Pettit, Bob McIntyre Registration:Andrea Alexander, Trish Sutton-Davies, Kerry Parnell Thanks to Veloshotz who livestreamed the race. We had this running on the TV in the clubhouse also. Check it out at: Juniors C L-R Oliver U., Max H., Nathan U. Juniors B L-R Lachlan W, Sam...
  • Wed 27th Nov 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 1 Results

    Wed 27th Nov 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 1 Results

    Wed 27th Nov 2019 Twilight Series 2019/20 Round 1 Results Juniors A Place Rider Club     1 Liam Bradley Hamilton Wheelers     2 Juan Carlos Campomanes Balmoral Cycling Club     3 Jordan Wight Hamilton Wheelers     4 Rider #1 unknown       1st Girl Keeley Henderson Balmoral Cycling Club     2nd Girl Villo Halasz Balmoral Cycling Club             Juniors B           1 Ethan Lang Hamilton Wheelers     2 Jonathan Munro Hamilton Wheelers     3 Sam Hilditch Balmoral Cycling Club     4 Ava Paddison Hamilton Wheelers     1st Girl Ava Paddison Hamilton Wheelers     2nd...
  • 23rd Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    23rd Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    23rd Nov 2019 Lakeside Results Thanks to our volunteers: Chief Commissaire: John Chapman Rego:Brett Richardson, Gary Alcorn Marshalls: Mark Hastie, Martin Leech Finish:Michael Cole A Grade B1 Grade B2 Grade C1 Grade C2 Grade    
  • 17th Nov 2019 Pinkenba ITT Results

    17th Nov 2019 Pinkenba ITT Results

    17th Nov 2019 Pinkenba ITT Results Thanks to our Volunteers: Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers Marshalls:Alistair Lang, Anthony Pettit, Geoff Prendergast Vehicles:Nigel Hardie, Mark Creaby A Grade B1 Grade B2 Grade C1 Grade C2 Grade U15 U17
  • 9th Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    9th Nov 2019 Lakeside Results

    9th Nov 2019 Lakeside Results C2 4th Suz Davis, 2nd Steph Leech, 1st Chris Jeffries, 3rd (missing) Andrea Alexander C1 L-R 2nd Nick Rinaudo, 1st Damien McMahon, 3rd Colin Kessels, First Unplaced Lady Zara Bruce B2 L-R 4th Ned Paddison, 2nd Craig Alers, 1st Xander Griffiths, 3rd Mitch Yarde, First Unplaced Lady Maddison Taylor B1 L-R 1st Unplaced Lady Faye Goodyear, 2nd Peter Scott, 1st Ren Bao Tsen, 3rd Nathan Boschma, Prime Paul Hanlon A Grade pic to come


2013 Century Ride

After the ride - missing a few who had to leave early (missing Daniel Zabek, Andy Patten,Lindsay Green)

The weather was not exactly great but we had about 26 for the full and about 15 I think for the half. It drizzled for a lot of it, but we only had proper rain for the last few kms into Landsborough for a stop at the awesome Buck's Bakery. We travelled a total of 50m before the first flat, once that was fixed I discovered mine was going down too...oops. Included a couple on the way out to start there were a total of 10 flats! One pop rivet, 2 from broken tiles, one pinchflat from a pothole, the rest glass. Thanks to Wayne and Kerry Wilson for the fabulous hospitality afterwards, and to BBQ Bob for the snags. Special mention must go to Lindsay Green who completed the century again this year at 81 years young, and to Brian Ferris for directing this ride every year since Moses was a boy (I think it's well over 30). Thanks for coming everyone! 

Century Riders 2013 Half Century Riders 2013
Phil Jones Wayne Wilson
Paul Brennan Rick Brownhill
Daniel Zabeck Jim Loyden
Chris Marty Bob McIntyre
Scott Barnes Ric Svanberg
Clayton Thiedecke Donna Fyfe
Bryan Ferris Neil Jackson
Graeme Woolnough Mel Symon
Scott Smith Tom McIndoe
Lindsay Green Lachlan Tait
Mark Hilmer Neco Kriel
John Madigan Colin Chapman
Terry Miller Lochie Morgan
Hugh Fryson Andrew Morgan
John Chapman Katie Chapman
Mark McLennan Tim Gilchrist
Andrew Patten Jenni Eason
Grant Dawson  
Peter Heywood  
Michael Frost  
Adam Harrison  

Club Wind Vests

Club vests – If there is sufficient interest (10 or more) we shall order sleeveless wind vests. Look – same as jersey with single zip rear pocket Cost $70.
Please contact Wayne Wilson with your size  (see the Club Kit page for sizing details)

Clubhouse Grant Approved!

Wayne Wilson has just advised that we have had our grant application approved, and the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing has approved our grant application under the Get Playing program for $100,000 (GST exclusive)
Many thanks to all who have assisting in getting us this far, but special thanks goes to our Vice (and Ladies) Captain Karen Forster for the great job she did in preparing the submission as well as all the positive support that has surrounded this successful bid and project.

James Eckersley Donates Bike to Juniors

James Eckersley has very kindly donated a beautiful steel framed Ken Evans bike, equipped with a new ultegra groupset compliments of Jim Collins from Aspley Bike Hub, one of our club sponsors. I believe the bike belonged to James' son - I will get the full story next week. It's a 50cm frame setup with a 6m rollout with no lockout so is ready for open racing.
James is a HPRW life member, joining in 1953, serving the club as president and many other roles, has a swag of state medals, and has ridden well over 20 Challenge 25 rides.
Jim Collins is a grumpy old bloke who works in a bikeshop :) Just kidding, Jim does a heap of work to support the club and especially our juniors.
Note our has club van has received a freshen up with decals provided courtesy of Brian McCarthy and his crew.

Queensland Cyclist of the Year Awards 2012

Last Saturday night was the annual Qld Cyclist of the Year Awards. Read the report on the CQ site HERE.

Vale Mick Rawlins

We received very sad news today that HPRW member Mick Rawlins lost his battle with cancer this morning.
Our thoughts are with his wife Corinne and his family.
Here's a great shot to remember Mick by courtesy of Tony Russell from Wolves Den bikestore.

2012 Masters Road National Champs

Well done to all our HPRW riders at the 2012 Masters Road National Champs. Medals include:
Time Trial
Jessica Toghill WMAS2 Fourth
Jane Walker WMAS3 Fifth
Linda O'Connor WMAS4 Third
Andy Patten MMAS3 Fourth
David Crosswell MMAS4 Fourth
Jane Walker - WMAS3  First
Mel Symon - WMAS3 Fifth
Jessica Toghill - WMAS2 Fourth
David Crosswell - MMAS4 Fifth

Road Race
Jessica Toghill WMAS2 Third
Jane Walker - WMAS3  First
Matt Ryan - MMAS3 Fifth
Mick Manson - MMAS2 Sixth

Here are the full results and also some reports and photos via CQ news.

16 HPRW Teams in TTT this Weekend!

No racing this weekend due to the state Team Time Trials at Rosevale. Good luck to all riders - we have 16 teams entered this year including 4 junior teams which is fantastic!
Please check your start times as well as the information you will receive from your team manager, and get there well in advance.
Here is a list of all riders. If you can assist as an observer or give up an hour of hour time to help the officials it would be much appreciated. Remember not to blow your team apart on the hills - just ask  TJ Van Garderen !
Rider 1 Rider 2 Rider 3 Rider 4
Entry Type First Name Last Name First Name Last Name First Name Last Name First Name Last Name
MMAS 1-3 Darren Croad John Murazak Ryan Wilson Patrick WEINRAUCH
MMAS 1-3 Richard Brownhill Pete Donnerly Chris Fraser Adam Harrison
MMAS 1-3 Anthony Zahra Peter Oddsson Bruce Dickson Warren Forbes
MMAS 1-3 Tim Dalgliesh Andrew Patten Matthew Ryan Chris Millen
MMAS 1-3 Eric Huang Brynley Abad David Roest Alan Ernest Jones
MMAS 4-5 David Crosswell Adam Robinson Paul Willett Darrell Henry
MMAS 6-7 Rene Lubbers Howard Cameron Peter Allonby John Madigan
MMAS 8-10 Helen Young Vince Amos Laurie Kelly James Eckersley
MMAS 8-10 Jim Loyden Peter Alexander Gary Alcorn John Birtwistle
MMAS 8-10 Geoff Wilson Paul Dahl Ron Young Ted Alexander
Under 11 Isabella Strijland Patrick Hughes Jorja Guyatt
Under 13 Zachary Sheridan Aidon Clements Sarina Hull Maddison Dillon
Under 15 Trent Moloney Terahk Clements Lachlan Montagu Lochie Morgan
Under 9 Noah Fontaine Sandon Hull Dylan Strijland
WMAS 1-3 Donna FYFE Melissa SYMON Jessica TOGHILL

State Road Championship Medals

Well done to all HPRW competitors in the State Criterium Championships held on 9th September. It was gold, gold, gold again for our ladies -


  • WMas 1 – 1st Corissa Smith
  • WMas 2 – 1st Jessica Toghill
  • WMas 3 – 1st Jane Walker


Well done also to Donna Fyfe who won a Silver medal in WMas 4 and Trish Sutton-Davies finished just off the podium with a 4th also in WMas 4.  Congratulations this is a great effort ladies!!!!

This year Corissa Smith, Jessica Toghill and Jane Walker have all been dual gold medallists in both the Qld Masters Road Championships and Masters Crit Championships, which is fantastic.



Other medals were:


Francois Audibert – 2nd Masters 6

Ron Young – 1st Masters 10

Mick Manson – 1st Masters 2


* State Crit Champs – Here’s the full results of the State crit champs – more good results for HPRW riders.


Here's a couple of shots of Mick.


UCI Masters World Champs Medals

HPRW riders Andy Patten and Darren Condon came away with silver world championship medals from the UCI World Masters in Peitermaritzburg, South Africa held Aug 23rd-36th.

Darren narrowly missed out on gold behind italian Gabriele Clementoni in the Mens 40-44 road race, and Andy Patten road strongly in the 40-44 Time Trial with a 35:19 only being beaten by the fastest time of the day - American Richard Feldman 33:26.
Adam Robinson also did very well in the 45-49 ITT with a 39:16 for 10th place.
Here is a news article from CQ and full results are here.

Vale Nicol Jackson

It is with great regret that we announce the passing of Nicol Jackson, our friend and long term HPRW member.

Nicol always lined up for as many events as possible at all our races as well as open events such as the Team Time Trial, acted as club social coordinator even opening up her home for a club social function, and provided sponsorship as well as the Neil Jackson Plumbing annual award for volunteers.

Our thoughts are with her husband Neil and her family and friends.

The funeral will be held this Friday 7th Sept at  Lakeview Chapel, 400 Albany Creek Road, Bridgeman Downs at 11:00am.

Bryan Ferris rides all 30 Cunningham Classics

Bryan just rode the 30th Cunningham Classic and was awarded this special jersey.
Phenomonal effort Bryan!

Clubhouse Approval

The Council has approved the development application and lease for our new HPRW Clubhouse at the Nundah Criterium Circuit.  So it's time to get serious with construction!

The club executive has decided to create a sub-committee to oversee the construction of the building and are calling 'expressions of interest' from club members who wish to nominate. The skills of other members and supporters will be required from time to time; the building subcommittee will co-opt persons with such skills according to need.  In particular we need the following expertise:

a. Project management/builder (we need someone to oversee the whole job).

b. Electrician

c. Plumber

d. Government funding grants co-ordinator.

e. Building Certifier

f. Engineer (hydraulic)

g. Surveyer

Thank you to members who have already offered their skills/assistance.

So if you can help, please send a note to  for the club executive's consideration.

The club executive would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our Vice President Graeme Spender for his architectural assistance and Daly International for their work on the Council development approval process.

Here are the preliminary plans for our new clubhouse as well as Council's Approval Package documentation.

Congratulations to Maria Hull who is now an accredited Cycling Australia Level 1 Road & Track Coach. Well done Maria!

National Masters Medals for HPRW

Congratulations to the following HPRW riders who have won medals at the Australian Masters Championships in Ballarat!

Here are the results for all HPRW riders.

SILVER MMAS2 Lucas Nicoll (HPRW)
GOLD MMAS3 Andrew Patten (HPRW)
SILVER WMAS4 Linda O'Connor (HPRW)

(image shamelessly from facebook courtesy of Tim Dalgiesh)

Here is the website for the full results.
Provisional Results for the Crit:
Masters 2 Men
Gold Tim Dalgliesh
Bronze Lucas Nicoll
6th John Murazak

Masters 2 women
4th Mel Symon (And Most aggressive rider)

Road Race:
Masters 2 Men
4th John Murazak

Thank to Chris Forster (Ladies Captain Karen Forster's husband) here are a whole heap of photos from the Elimbah Road Race Champs. I think Chris got everyone at least once!

Results are up for the 2011 Elite and Masters Road Champs. Here are the links:
Elite Results
Masters Results

Here are some fantastic HPRW results from our riders:

Mens Masters 2 (there seems to be an incorrect placings on the CQ results)
Gold Darren Condon
Bronze Chris Millen

Mens Masters 3
Andy Patten Silver

Masters 7
Peter Gumbley Silver

Women's Masters 3
Philippa Hendren Silver

Elite Men
5th Darren Condon

8th Mitch Neumann