• If you are new or not on our members or visitors grading list please submit a grading application form by thursday evening before race day. No gradings or grading changes done on race day
  • Unless stated otherwise on the calendar event, visitors from other clubs welcome at all races as long as they have been graded.
  • Temporary Licence must be purchased online..we no longer can sell them at the event. Click HERE to purchase a Starter Pack temporary licence
  • Junior Training is Tue and Thur arvos 
  • Club Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday 7pm at the clubhouse at Nundah
  • Hamilton Members are required to volunteer for one race per year. This date must be selected before signing on for your second race of the season via the Volunteer Roster displayed below the Calendar
  • Volunteers are required at the event 60 minutes before the first race or as advised by Volunteer Coordinator
  • Crits requires 5 volunteers, Road Races 7,  ITTs 5 or 6
  • We are currently conducting Juniors only at Nundah as a handicap event subject to number of entrants.
  • All race fees including Lakeside and Road events are $10 plus at Lakeside it's an Extra $10 for a Lakeside licence (or $55 for a season pass) No EFT facilities sorry

Click the Event for full details - Note the Calendar is also used for Hamilton members Volunteer Roster