Annual Twilight Criterium Series on Wednesday arvos through summer
From club racing to State, National and International Level. Ages from 6 to 84!
Time Trials, Road Races, Handicaps, Criteriums, Circuit Races and Hill Climbs!
Track Racing and Training
A great Junior Racing and Development Program
Womens Only Events plus our Annual Nicol Jackson Womens Series
Wide range of racing - from closed circuits like Lakeside and Nundah to Road races, handicaps and Time Trials, Hillclimbs and Track racing.

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15th Dec 2018 Nundah Results

D Grade L-R Roger Bower, Jenni Eason, Bob McIntyre

C1 Grade L-R Colin Kessels, Paul Kays, Matt Busuttil, Willow

B1 L-R Brett Lutze, Kym Ransome, Mike DeZwart, Mick Cole

A Grade L-R Andy Patten, Tom Coates, Murray McClymont, Elliot Schultz, Matthew Lambert

8th Dec 2018 Lakeside Results

A Grade L-R Lucy Kennedy, Hannes Venter, Marrk Creaby, Andy Patten, Alan Jones

B1 Grade L-R Brett Lutze, Wesley Botha, Shayne King, Andy Poynter

B2 Grade L-R ?, Klaus Auckenthaler, Benjamin Stewart, Shannon Proffit, Xander Griffiths

C1 Grade L-R Daniel McTainsh, Jeff Gollan, Selina Green, Colun Kessels

21st Nov 2018 Twilight Series 2018/19 Round 1 Results 

It was a thrill to have multiple World Tour Stage winner and holder of the Pink Jersey in the 2015 Giro d’Italia, Simon Clarke (and the One More Ride team), handing out the prizes and $ to our Twilight Series round one winners!

It was a strong win in A Grade by Hamilton rider, Mick 'Pickles' Bettany over Jordan Kerby and Jay McCarthy

A Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C Grade


Juniors C

Juniors B

Juniors A

7th October 2018 Pinkenba ITT Results

A Grade L-R Mark Croonen, Andy Patten, Jim Murphy

B1 Grade L-R Mick Cole, Kyle Eaglestone, Daniel Mulcahy

B2 Grade L-R Rod Caldwell (Balmoral), Gary Madigan (Lifecycle), Phil Allen (Uni)

C1 Grade L-R 4th Darren Gallacher (Uni), Col Howkins, Chris Marty, Sharon Bolter (Missing Andrew Davies - Balmoral)

D Grade Ron Young and Hugh Fyson

Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Vehicles:Jack Landsberg, Joe Hughes
Marshalls: Terry Miller, Warren Forbes, Grant Rowan
First Aid: A1 First Aid

30th Sep 2018 Mt Mee Hillclimb Results

A Grade - Andy Patten, Elliott Schultz, Lachlan Sinclair

B1 Grade Sam Reed, Shayne King (left early) Paul Willett

B2 1st Ren Bao Tsen, 2nd Clem Piscitelli, 3rd Phil Jones

C1 Roger McIntosh, Michael Hayter, Chris Marty

D Grade Ron Young

22nd Sep 2018 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Marshalls: Stewart Nicoll, Roger McIntosh
Rego:Anthony Pettit, Gary Alcorn
Finish line: Sarah Crealy
First Aid: A1 First Aid

C1 Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

A Grade

2018 Nicol Jackson Womens Series Overall Results

Thanks to all the riders who came to race and all the volunteers over three events. Special thanks to Neil Jackson for coming out to remember Nicol with us and to hand out all the prizes.

D Grade Lakeside Kermisse Winners

C Grade Lakeside Kermisse Winners

B Grade ITT Winners Saskia, Selina and Amanda

C Grade ITT Winners 2xSarahs,2xStephanies!

D Grade ITT Winners Sarah, Erin and Carolyn

B Grade Overall Winner Selina (with Neil Jackson and Seb from QOM)

C Grade Crit Winners April, Annie, and Susanne (with Neil Jackson and Seb from QOM)

D Grade Crit Winners