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Time Trials, Road Races, Handicaps, Criteriums, Circuit Races and Hill Climbs!
Track Racing and Training
A great Junior Racing and Development Program
Womens Only Events plus our Annual Nicol Jackson Womens Series
Wide range of racing - from closed circuits like Lakeside and Nundah to Road races, handicaps and Time Trials, Hillclimbs and Track racing.


Sat 17th February 2018 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Signon:Matt Smart, David Cook,Gary Alcorn
Marshalls:Robert Cordle, Gerry Forde,Peter Allonby

A Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C1 Grade

C2 Grade

D Grade

6th Dec 2017 Twilight Series Round 2 Results

C Grade L-R Anne Louise Cosgrove (First Lady), Matthew McDonagh (2nd), Erik Van Driel (1st), Paul Kays (3rd), Finn Walsh (4th and prime)

B2 Grade Points Race
There was an error in the results and Samuel Crowley was awarded 1st place instead of Ben Castles. Apologies to both riders for the mistake!
L-R Carmen Barney (1st lady), Tony Myatt (4th), Iain Stephen (2nd), Samuel Crowley, Adam Williams (3rd), Harrison Raymond (5th)

B1 Podium L-R Michaela Murray (First Lady), Gary Hocking (4th), Paul Robertson (2nd), Shannon Duggan (1st and prime 1), Brett Lutze (3rd), Adam Robinson (2nd prime)

A Grade L-R Jonathon Noble (4th), Daniel Luke (2nd and Prime 2), Jay McCarthy (1st and Prime 1), Ollie Smith (3rd)

Juniors A Jonathan Munro (2nd), Jordan Wight (1st)

Juniors B Marly Harrison (2nd), Traveé Transom

Juniors C Jack Guyatt (2nd), Ethan Lang (1st)

3rd Feb 2018 Nundah Results

A Grade L-R Muz McClymont, Ben Manson, Pickles Bettany, Jordan Ross, Tom Bentley

B1 Grade L-R Michael Rush, Nathan Hibbot, Brad Thompson, Jason Churchward

B2 Grade L-R Beau Hanlon,Adam Clark, Peter Kelly, Ben Castles, Grace Brunton-Makeham

Womens D Grade L-R Sharon Bolter, Trish Sutton-Davies, Sue Jones

C2 Grade L-R Will Karey, Michael Hayter, Jordan Wight

D Grade L-R Bob McIntyre, Peter McDonald, Ted Alexander, Andrea Alexander

31st Jan 2018 Twilight Series 2017-18 Round 5 Results

(Round 6 carries double points!)

Many thanks to our Twilight Volunteer Crew-
Chief Commissaire:Pete McDonald
Assistant Commissaires:Denise Roberts, Roger Bower, Darryl Baker
Marshalls:Bob McIntyre,Lindsay Green
Signon:Gary Alcorn, Andrea Alexander
Finishline:Ted Alexander
C Grade Results corrected after presentation. Rider #7 awarded 3rd place

Junior C Jude and Jack

Junior B Sam, Marly and Ethan

Junior A Jordan, Ciaran and Jonothan

C Grade L-R Ann-Louise (Ladies Sprint) , Mitchell (2nd),Tim (1st), John(4th place) Gabe (5th) Pete (6th) (Andrew Davies 3rd place not pictured - results amended after presentations)

B2 Grade L-R Robert, Harrison, Junjie, Robert, Ben

B1 Grade L-R Jemma, Brett, Adam, Haddo, Shannan, Michaela

A Grade L-R Sam, Manolo, Pickles, David, Mitch

18th Nov 2017 Nundah Results

D Grade

A Grade

C1 Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C2 Grade

Womens C

Many thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Marshalls: Aleisha Kelly, John Madigan
Rego: Ashleigh Elliott, Shaun O'Brien
Finish:Adam Robinson

4th Nov 2017 Lakeside Results

Many thanks to today's Volunteers-

Chief Commissaire: John Chapman
Volunteers: Jo Sinclair (for Lachie), Steve Schoemaker, Dave Roest, Marshall Cusworth, Phil Gibson, Adam Harrison

A Grade Kyle Godson 4th, Murray McClymont 3rd, Michael Owen 2nd, Jordan Ross 1st and prime

B1 Josh Skinner 4th, Adam Dawson 2nd, Daniel Van Driel 1st, Dan Logan 3rd

C2 Sue Jones 2nd, Jono Munro 1st, Elise Run 3rd

29 Oct 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers, especially John Chapman who filled in at late notice.
Chief Commissaire:John Chapman
Signon:Nevil King, Gary Alcorn
Finish: William Masson
Marshalls: Jim Murphy, Jo Sinclair
Junior Skills & Rollout:Kris Kersley
First Aid: A1 First Aid

B2 podium (photo courtesy Jason Churchward)

8th Oct 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to all our volunteers, but a special thanks to David Jacobs who kindly offered to act as our Level 2 Commissaire so we could allow all clubs to participate.

Chief Commissaire:David Jacobs
Signon/Marshalls/Finish:Mick Young, Russell Murray (for Michael), Michael Crowe, Paul Robertson, Sam Reed
First Aid: A1 First Aid

Womens D Grade L-R Lucretia Battle 2nd, Sarah Leuenberger 1st, Emma Henderson 3rd

Womens C Grade: L-R Cherie Mable 2nd, Annie McDonagh 1st, Kelsey Griffith 3rd

C2 Grade L-R Selina Green 2nd, Helen Chesswas 1st, Jonathan Munro 3rd

D Grade Bob McIntyre 4th, Mick Wilkinson 2nd, Michael Wilkinson 1st , Roger Bower 3rd

B1 Grade L-R Shannon Duggan (prime), Brett O'Dougherty 2nd, Mick Cole 1st, Scott Burton 3rd, Paul Willett 4th

B2 Grade L-R Junjie Huang 4th, Sam Reed 2nd, Adam Williams 1st, Jason Churchward 3rd

A Grade L-R Ben Hitchens 2nd, Michael Bettany 1st, Michael Manson 3rd