Guide to Winter Season

Gaz's Guide to the 2020 Winter Season

Thanks to Gary Alcorn for this Winter Season Guide which will hopefully be useful to those new to the club, and those not so new!

The 2020 Winter program had a delayed start due to the Covid19 outbreak on the 18th July Criterium and ends with the Nundah Criterium followed by the Annual Presentation function at the Clubhouse on the 7th November.  All members are encouraged to participate.

The committee has provided a varied group of events on both closed circuits and the open road (yes that means hills) which should appeal to all members. There are several key events throughout the year which we encourage you all to support.

1.  Our annual "open" event at Lakeside Park, the Hamilton Open on October 24th which is also round 3 of the QCRS.
2. Threeannual perpetual trophy events -
The "Soldiers Honour" (around Pine Dam), the "Ted Alexander Memorial" (Elimbah) and the “Lindsay Green Memorial ITT” (Pinkena – The first two events are handicap races for both Division 1 and 2 riders.
3. The “Eric Hawkins Memorial” for A graders at Nundah on 10th October.
4. The “James Eckersley Junior Classic” also at Nundah on 1st August
5. The Belbaker Bus Charter “Smash Fest” – an 90 minute Criterium for A grade.
The Club Championships are held over three events, a Criterium, a Time Trial and a Road race. These are run this year in each of the HWCC grading categories. Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions are awarded for each discipline and a special Hamilton Wheelers Jersey is awarded in each category to the rider who accumulates most points over the three events (see details below).

The club also conducts the “Nicol Jackson Memorial”  which is graded road race on 8th August, aimed at promoting ladies competition.

Throughout the season points are allocated for results in most events and a Perpetual Aggregate trophy awarded at the end of the season to the rider with the highest points aggregate. As well as getting points for placing in events, points are awarded for starting and finishing, fastest times, first unplaced lady etc. The points are weighted to give more incentive to the higher grades to compensate for competition from visiting riders. It is thus a trophy that rewards results and consistency. The points system used for awarding the Perpetual Aggregate Trophy is shown below.

Note that the Winter Points score for the Perpetual Aggregate Trophy is different to the 6 monthly points used for grading.

There are several individual Time Trial events on the calendar and the State Team Time Trial titles in September. The Teams event is run in your CA licence category for teams of four riders. You are encouraged to arrange a team for the event and advise the Secretary who will arrange for an entry.

To allow the events to start on time and to run efficiently it is important that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the event starting time. If the event is a Handicap entries are to completed prior to the event (typically the Thursday night before) to give the Handicapper a chance to formulate the fields. Do not just turn up 5 minutes prior to start time as the handicapper has a special "loading” for such eventualities. It is important to be present at the Commissaire briefing prior to your race as failure to be there will mean exlusion from the event.

As many events are run on open public roads it is essential that all riders observe the road rules. For Hamilton to conduct these events we must apply for (and be granted) a Police permit to do so. Do not ride more than two abreast (even if the pack has grown in size as bunches catch slower riders) and show courtesy to other road users. We have been issued a warning regarding this aspect of our races by the Police who issue the permits. Please do not be the one who causes these permits to be withdrawn. Hamilton Wheelers have been conducting events on some road circuits for many years but as the population has grown we find that these roads now carry a lot more traffic than in past years and bring with it the need to be more diligent in regards to safety and avoiding public condemnation. This has caused us to hold some road events on Sunday mornings when vehicular traffic is less.

You will see from the Calendar that the winter season includes a number of events on open roads as distinct from the closed circuit races at Nundah and Lakeside Park. The types of events are:-Scratch Road Races - These are usually handicap events and entrants are divided into two divisions to reduce the size of the bunches out on the circuit. The race distances are typically 60Km or 30Km for division 2. A 'scratch' race means all riders in the same grade start together.
Handicap Road Races -  Small groups of riders leave at intervals of a few minutes - the slowest riders first, and the fastest last. The idea is that everyone should have the same chance of winning the race. The race distances are typically 60Km for higher grades and 30Km for lower grades.
Time Trials - These are one at a time races where riders are dispatched on the course at 30 second intervals. In these events it is against the rules to “draft” behind other riders. When you are overtaking a slower rider you are required to complete the overtaking manoeuvre as quickly (and as safely) as possible and the overtaken rider is to ensure that they are at least 2m behind the overtaking rider. In these events Time Trial bars (and special TT bikes) are allowed.

Here are some maps of the various circuits we use.

All of our races are open to visiting riders except the Club Championship events and the Soldiers Honour race at Pine Dam.


HWCC Winter Season Perpetual Aggregate Trophy Pointscore – Rules for 2020.
For Criteriums, ITT & Graded Road races (Including Interclub races):-
Points are awarded for actual placegetters on the following basis.
A Grade - First - 20, Second - 12, Third - 8, Fourth - 6
B Grade - First - 15, Second – 10 , Third - 7, Fourth - 5
C Grade - First - 12, Second – 9 , Third - 6 , Fourth - 4
D/E Grade - First - 10, Second - 7 , Third – 5 , Fourth - 3
Points are also awarded for :-
  Start an event - 1 point
  Finish an event - 1 point
  First unplaced lady (Provided there is more than 1 starter)- 3 points.
  Fulfil rostered duty at an event - 2 points
  There must be more than 6 starters in an event for place points to be awarded.
No place points awarded for Teams events.
If a rider contests an event in a grade lower than his nominal grade and places, the rider will be awarded the points value for the lower grade.
If a rider is re-graded during the season they take their accumulated points to the new grade.
Note that the points score for the Perpetual Aggregate Trophy is different to the 6 monthly points used for grading.

For Handicap Road races:-
No place points awarded.
Fastest male & female time - 5 points.
Points are also awarded for :-
  Start an event - 1 point
  Finish an event - 1 point
  Fulfil rostered duty at an event - 2 points
HWCC Club Championship events:-
First 10 points
Second  6 points
Third  4 points
Start an event - 1 point
 Finish an event - 1 point
Fulfil rostered duty at an event - 2 points

Club championship - conducted over three events
Road Race  - Criterium   -   Time Trial
Separate categories are conducted for male and female riders in each HWCC grade division. Junior club championships are the exception as they are conducted in Age divisions for U9, U11, U13 and U15, U17. Male and Female riders start together but seperate points are awarded. U17 riders start with B2 grade but seperate points are awarded.

Riders will remain in their grades for the whole championship unless absolutely necessary - if riders move up a grade they will carry half their points over.

A special “Champion's” jersey is awarded to the rider in each category with the highest aggregate points and who has competed in all of the three club championship events. There must be more than one rider in the category for a jersey to be awarded. In the event if a tie, the winner is determined by the greater number of highest places. If required after this the ITT time will decide the winner.

Note. A separate points system is kept for the Club championship events.

Have a safe and successful season.
Gary (Gaz) Alcorn