Ascot Catering Group Ride – Join the Hamilton Wheelers/Ascot Catering Team on their Sunday morning rides. Meet at the cannon at Nundah Memorial Park, 6am each Sunday.  Email Robert if you wish to go onto the Ascot Catering email list.
Sprint Training - Nundah Criterium Circuit - 5pm Thursdays - a good hit-out!   Just turn up and jump on to a group of about your ability.  Usual training routine is to form a pace-line taking short turns at the front for a few laps at increasing speed, then a free-for-all lap with a sprint finish…then do it all again!
Training Races - Every 2 months we will run some fun training races at Nundah, run by our club
coaches as well as experienced club members. Check the calendar for when the next training race will be held.
This is a way to assist riders new to racing or with relatively little experience, as well as address any
safety issues. We rotate this through the different grades, one grade at a time.This will replace the
normal race for that grade that week.
Cost is only be $5 and you get a free coffee or drink afterwards.
There will be several short 'races' held, with a quick debrief in the marshalling area after each 'race'.
Topics we will try and cover are:
  • Rolling smooth tight pacelines - (being predictable, scanning ahead, staying relaxed, not overlapping wheels)
  • How to pass or be passed by other groups on the track safely
  • Sprinting
  • Grass crit in the infield to practice bumping other riders, rubbing tyres and other skills.
These training races are not compulsory, but a record of attendance will be kept which will also assist with grading. For more information or if you have a specific issue you'd like address,
please contact Wayne Wilson at