2018 Racing start this week

Racing recommences this week for 2018 with Round 4 of the Twilight Series Wednesday 24th January from 4:30pm.

The racing calendar for the year is available at

A few notes:

Twilight Series
1. Fields in all grades will be limited to 60 riders.
    If there are several riders lined up when the count gets to 55 preference will be given to HWCC members.
2. HWCC riders can pre-nominate for their event no later than Tuesday evening by emailing   
     If you do this don't forget to advise registration when you check in.
3. It is HWCC policy that all Juniors (Under 17 and younger) complete a roll-out and equipment check before presenting at registration.
    This rule applies to the Twilight events.
4. Any rider intending to race at any HWCC event who has not been allocated a grade by the Hamilton handicapper should apply online HERE.
    Failure to do this prior to race day may mean that you miss your intended event.
5. One and Three day licence holders and riders new to racing are not permitted to compete in the Twilight events for safety reasons.
6.  Please have your 2018 licence or printed receipt ready for registration. You can show a screenshot or email on your phone but please have it ready to go.
7.  Note that we do not have EFTPos facilities and correct change is always appreciated and please be patient as we get the new year started.

Lakeside Racing
Following the Twilight Series Round 4 we are back at Lakeside Sat 27th January at 6:45am. We are having the change the area where we park and sign-on. Sign-on will now be OUTSIDE of the track on the southern side of the track opposite the Tower. We will have tents set up on the western side of the old shed outside the track (our old clubhouse!!) for sign on and presentations. NOTE: the shed is totally out of bounds as are all vehicles on the inside of the track (medical and comms excepted). Back to the future!!

Racing at Lakeside requires a Lakeside Licence which can be purchased on the day, or a 12 month pass can be purchased. Full details HERE