Commissaire Crisis

The club is presently faced with a challenge with respect to race day officials – COMMISSAIRES – specifically.
In the past we have been blessed with the likes of Peter McDonald, John Madigan, Jack Carter and others doing virtually every week, for the past 10 yrs. and more. However, these people and others are unable to volunteer regularly to Commissaire and we now have a shortage of qualified people.
In order to cover our bases and provide ongoing racing on a weekly basis we intend to hold a forum at the clubhouse on WEDNESDAY 14th March at 7.00pm, for any and all current and prospective commissaires. The purpose of this forum is to attract new ideas (and people) on how to manage our program and keep it sustainable. One vision is to have a roster of commissaires, lead by Rene Lubbers our Chief Comm, so that the work is not left with one person each week. Of course other strategies will be welcomed and discussed. As normal, HWCC will fund all new candidates for accreditation with CQ.
The forum will last for only 1.5 hrs and feature pizza and drinks!!!Mug
I would urge members to consider what they can do for this situation. We have been close to cancelling races this year and no one wishes us to do that or curtail racing to club only events every week.
Could interested persons please let me know if you can attend on Wednesday 14th March? (for catering!!)
Wayne Wilson Secretary