C2 Grade on hold - New Nundah Schedule

At the April committee meeting a few changes very voted in:

New Winter Schedule for Nundah:

C1 8:15-8:55 40min 
B1 8:15-9:05 50 min 
A 9:00-10 :00 60min 
B2 9:10-9:50 40min 
D 10:05 10:35 30min 
Womens C 10:05 10:35 30min (only held on the first 'Nundah' of the month)
Womens D  10:05 10:35 30min (only held on the first 'Nundah' of the month)
Juniors 10:35-10:50 15min

C2 Grade on Hold
For the time being at least we have put racing in C2 Grade on hold. The majority of C2 riders have now been placed in C1 Grade so please ensure you know your new start time. The remaining riders will be moved to D grade and will receive an email to confirm this. Grading Lists will be updated shortly once this process is complete.