Race Injuries

Message from President Wayne Wilson:

Whilst we have had very few racing injuries in the past years, we have had 2 significant crashes in the past 2 weeks. It is pleasing to note that Sam Liddell and Uni rider Faye Goodyear are recovering well and seem to have no long term issues from their crash Saturday week ago. Rest well you two.

Almost all Hamilton Wheelers will know and respect Andy Patten our perennial club champion, National Champion and International track star. Andy’s crash at the 5th Twilight race was a bad one. He would like all to know that whilst the shoulder injury is extremely significant and painful, he is in good spirits and typically he is returning to “work” gradually. He faces a considerable period of rehabilitation and knowing Andy you can be sure he will approach this phase with the same dedication and determination he takes to his training and racing.

Recover well Andy, we all wish you the best recovery possible.