Volunteer Roster - Time to Commit to your Roster Day for 2020

NOTE: All Members must nominate a roster date before their next entry if they have raced 3 or more times this season (Nov 19 - Oct 20) NO DATE = NO RACE

The registration system will not permit you to enter until members have nominated a date online via the Roster Calendar. Please do this by thursday night so your date can be recorded before race day. Check the members grading list to see if you have a date recorded. Please contact our volunteer Coordinator Mark Croonen if you have already nominated and your date is not recorded.

Volunteer Policy

It is a policy of HWCC that every member performs a volunteer role at a minimum of one race meeting a year. The year runs from Novembe to October to coincide with the CA membership year and our Presentation night. During this period we typically need around 340 people to fill the various roles during the year so the need for all members to be part of the process is important.

We have had a wonderful response to this policy and it has enabled racing to be conducted each week and not taxed a “few” people every week.

The Benefits for you!!
1. A “Race pass" that allows you to one free entry to a club race.
2. An embroidered Hamilton Wheelers cap 
3. Each time you volunteer you are entered into the draw at the annual club Presentation night. First prize in the draw is $500.
4. You get two points in the Winter Pointscore and if you are volunteering at a Club Championship event, you get two points for that also.
5. Finally, you get an insight into what goes into the running of each of our club events

Actions by you:
1. The day you volunteer, you should not plan to race, except if you want to compete in a club Championship round.
2. If you have not acted as a Volunteer or nominated a date when you intend to, when you go to nominate for an event on more than two occasions, you will not be accepted as a starter until you do nominate a day on which you can fulfil your obligation.
3. If something subsequently comes up preventing you from attending on the nominated date it is important that you either arrange a replacement yourself or advise the club Volunteer coordinator here.

Thanks for your cooperation with this policy; it all helps make racing safe and the club strong.

Click here to check the Club's Volunteering Roster - add your name to the list.