Volunteer Roster - Nominate before your next race

This is a reminder for Hamilton Members about our Volunteering Roster.

All racing members (including riders who are members of more than one club) are required to assist with the running of a race just once per season (November through October). It's a great way to give something back to the sport and your club, and learn about what makes racing happen each week.

Our policy is that after racing twice, you must then nominate a date for assisting, otherwise your entry may be refused. We would like to avoid a situation where racing has to be cancelled or entries refunded or refused, so please jump on the website and nominate a date before your next race. You register via the website calendar, just find an event that requires volunteers and put down your name. The system will email you with reminders.

If you want to check, the members grading list has highlighted riders who need to nominate with the number of races you've done and your nominated date so use that to check.