Juniors Racing and Training Updates

Balmoral Junior Tour Report

Four of our juniors competed at the recent Broad Construction Balmoral Junior Tour which is always an excellent multi-stage tour. We had Isaac Kenny and Marly Harrison in U11 and Harry Sweeney and Colin Chapman in U17.

Veloshotz: 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour Mount Gravatt Climb &emdash; 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour

Harry Sweeney on the way to winning the Mt Gravatt hillclimb. Harry was right up there all weekend and was 4th in the prologue.


Veloshotz: 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour Mount Gravatt Climb &emdash; 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour

 Isaac powering to the top of Mt Gravatt in U11 boys. Isaac rode strongly all weekend, especially in the crit where he was dropped but in a fantastic ride he chewed bartape for 4 laps to get back to the lead bunch for the sprint!


Colin Chapman's Race Report

 Balmoral Junior Tour U17

I would again like to thank HPRW and everyone involved with all of the support and encouragement over the past 14 months that I have been cycling.  This past week I competed in the Balmoral Junior tour together with Harry Sweeny.  

We had a strong field with about 36 riders from Rockhampton, MacKay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Moreton bay, Goldcoast and even the Carnegi Caulfield Club in Victoria! HPRW was respresented by Harry Sweeney and myself, and needless to say Balmoral fielded a very strong team.

Stage 1 – prologue 1 lap of Lakeside (reverse direction). Elijah Davis (Toowoomba) took the win from Sebastian Berwick (Balmoral) and Harvey Silk (Toowoomba) came in 3rd.  Harry Sweeney took fourth and I placed 7th in 3 minutes and 17 seconds; 7 seconds behind the winner - 10 seconds covered places 1 to 9 – so it was very close racing.

Stage 2 – Handicap 6 laps of Lakeside (reverse direction). This was a new stage for the tour. Riders were set off at 30 second intervals in groups ranging from 2 up to 5 riders. The group starting at 3 minutes was however about 10 strong. I started in the scratch group, at 3 minutes and 30 seconds, which also was about 10 riders. The scratch group worked well together and I did a few turns out the front to catch the next group after about 3 laps. We then chased down the remainder of the riders and at one lap to go there were only two riders out front, about 20 m ahead as we crossed the finish line. Had the race ended there the handicapping would have been perfect to give the slower riders a chance. However they were soon caught. At the final sprint I was caught in the middle of the bunch at about 100 m to go – fortunately I managed to move sideways out of the bunch and get around them to finish 2nd and managed to cross just ahead of Nathan McCallum (Goldcoast) in third. The win went to Elijah Davis who now was the clear leader on GC. I moved into second place and Sebastian moved into third.

Veloshotz: 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour &emdash; 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour

Stage 3 – Road race (40 km, normal direction around Lakeside). The race was delayed a long time due to a fall in a previous race which required an ambulance. Although they thought he had broken his arm, fortunately this was not the case and the rider was not seriously injured. The race started off as usual with the U17 at a high pace with several small breaks trying to get away. Each time the breaks were brought back and I worked several times to help. With about four laps to go Patrick Kennedy (Sunny Coast) went off the front solo and managed to establish a break of about 100m and extended it to about 200m when we got the two laps to go board. Right about then though the peloton started watching each other and no one was willing to chase. When I tried to break away on the back straight with Sam Gaviglio (Moreton bay), we were immediately chased down. I sat back until the bell and slowly worked my way nearer the front of the peloton. During all of this Patrick managed to extend his lead and take a clear win. On the final climb I was about 7th wheel in the peloton which was perfect and won the bunch sprint for second. Sebastian Berwick took 3rd and Elijah only managed 7th place. On GC Elijah retained his lead and I remained second and Sebastian remained in third.

Stage 4 Mt Gravatt Hillclimb. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hang on to my second place in GC as there were a number of very good climbers in the bunch, including Sebastian Berwick who won on GC in the BOTB. The U17 record was set last year at 4:56 and the best time I had set last year was 6:55. Fortunately they set us off in groups of six riders and I was grouped with Harry Sweeny and Patrick Kenedy who are two good climbers. The climb was tough and it took it out of me, but I managed to stay with Harry and Patrick who crossed the line about half a metre ahead of me. As it turned out Harry won overall with 5:11 and Patrick took second at 5.12. The half a meter distance between my front wheel and Patrick’s back wheel meant that I came up fourth (5:13), but Sebastian Berwick managed to sneak into third with 5:12 as well. Elijah Davis did enough to retain the GC lead, but things were now very close between Sebastian in third place and myself in second, with only one point separating us. Patrick Kenedy, Harvey Silk and Harry were now also coming into contention with all to be decided in the criterium.

Veloshotz: 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour Mount Gravatt Climb &emdash; 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour


Stage 5 Murarrie Criterium. In order to take the GC lead, I would have had to have taken the prime and the win. The criterium turned out to be a very tactical (and slow) race with everyone watching everyone else. Several attempts at breaks were chased down. Unfortunately I was in mid bunch of the pack and I couldn’t contest the prime, which was taken by Elijah, with Patrick taking second, which gave Elijah the GC win. So now it was a matter of ensuring that I finished ahead of Patrick and Sebastian in the final sprint to remain in second place. With about two laps to go two riders went off the front while the GC contenders were watching each other. The criterium was won by Riley Justins (Fraser Coast) and second was taken by Jordan Hoffman (Sunny Coast) – Elijah took third and I finished fourth. The final GC was won by Elijah.


Marly's Report

The Junior Balmoral Carnival last weekend was a toughie. It started on Saturday morning with a prologue. We had to go as hard as we could for one whole lap. Afterwards I felt really tired because I was sprinting all the way. Oh and I didn't know how many laps I had to do so I didn't know how to pace myself. Note to self - check details of the race before the start.

Then we had a handicap. I was on 'GO' with another Balmoral rider. He got second and I finished as the Lantern Rouge. The scratch race left me scratching my head - cause I had no idea where they went...

On Sunday we got up early for a climb up Mt Gravatt Hill. The under 9's and under 11's started half way up the hill. Mum was puffing walking and Dad was being noisy with our Cyclo cross bells screaming something in another language that I hope wasn't embarrassing. I know what 'ALLEZ' means but what does "VENGE' mean?
IT was hard to get across the top - but as soon as we did, Isaac and I really wanted to ride down. FAST. Mum said that I needed to get a feel for descending safely and there were cars on the road so we rode down a couple of corners.

We made some new friends and everyone was really nice. We all cheered each other on.

It finished off with a Crit at Murrarie. I hung on for the first lap. IT was fun. Lots of supporters even though I came last - I did pretty well. I enjoyed sprinting against another boy.

It was good to ride with Isaac. He works really hard. Congratulations Colin and Harry too.

Dad said that he is going to set up my computer to show my cadence and this will help me to know when to change gears.

Thanks Mum and Dad for coming with me.
Bye bye - see you at Nundah!


Marly at the 2014 Balmoral Junior Tour