12 June 2016 NJWT Mens Support Races Results

Many thanks to all our volunteers for a long mornings racing!

Note: No grading points awarded for the combined B  & C grade races as they are not our regular club grades.

Chief Commissaire: John Madigan

Assistant Commissaire: Darryl Baker

Signon, Marshalls, Finish: Clinton Fraser, Michael Jansen, Ashley Dunstan, Hugh Barbour, Tim Buckley, Adam Harrison

First Aid: A1 First Aid

A Grade Mitch, Matt, Jack, Pickles

B Grade Josh, Darrell, Shannon, Dan

C Grade L-R John, Clinton, PEter, Finn (most combative award), Matt

D Grade Phil and Mick (with Jacko)

Juniors Steph, Bennett and Toby