2nd July 2016 Nundah Reverse Race Results

Juniors B: L-R Jonathan Munro (2nd and most aggressive award), Matthew Munro (1st), Bennett Boyd (3rd)

A Grade L-R Mick Manson, Shannon Duggan, Murray McClymont, Brynley Abad, James Jackson

Close finish in A Grade

B2 Grade L-R Jack Morton, Nathan Hibbot, Joshua Skinner, Garry Reddacliff

C1 Grade L-R Clinton Fraser, Alex Baker, Mark Pearson, Steve Munro

C2 Grade L-R Andrew Peacock, Josh McAndrew, Timothy Munro, Ted Alexander

D Grade L-R Mick Wilkinson, Laurie Kelly, Roger Bower

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Pete McDonald
Assistant Comm: Darryl Baker
Signon/Marshalls/Finish: Michael Frost, Sam Collins, Jason Seery, Lou Broadfoot, Gary Alcorn