Frank Papp Memorial Handicap 13 July 2013

We had a fantastic day out the back of Mt Glorious for this race, in memory of our mate Frankie. Thanks to everyone who turned out, we had a record attendance of 71 Div 1 riders and 16 Div 2 riders. Also a huge thanks to all our volunteers who helped out with this race, as it's means devoting an entire day to helping ensure everyone else has a safe and enjoyable race. Well done to all riders for completing our hardest race of the year.

Speedy recover to Ron Young who had a tumble during the warmup and banged his shoulder and lost a bit of bark. Kudos to Andy Patten who rode back up Mt Glorious after the race! Also well done to our junior riders competing in Div 2.

Riders line up for the start

Chief Commissaire:John Madigan
Signon:Anthony Hartley, Mark Gleeson
Damien Bock: Lead Vehicle
Phil Milham: Follow Vehicle
Motorcycle Marshall: Dave Roest
Marshalls:Peter McCool, Bob McIntyre
Finishline: Gary Alcorn, Helen Young
Handicappers:Adam Harrison,Alberto Monte Rego, Chris Forster
RaceAdmin/Presentations:Wayne Wilson

Division 1 (85km)
1 Matt Zaranski (CYC'd) 2:16:58 (19 mins)
2 John Hickson (UNI) 2:20:58 (15 mins)
3 Anthony Zahra (HPRW) 2:16:58 (19 mins)
4 Reuben Phillips (HPRW) 2:16:59 (19 mins)
First Lady Gemma Brown(MBCC)  2:27:50 (15 mins)
Fastest Time Mick Manson (HPRW) 2:13:42 (Scratch 25 mins)
Note: Rider #32 below was relegated to the back of this bunch for crossing the line in the sprint by the commissaire.

Div 1 riders Sprint for the win

Mick, Jemma, Anthony, Matt, John

Divison 2 (42.5km)

1 Lisa Stanhope (Lifeycle) 1:28:40
2 Karen Forster (HPRW)    1:29:20
3 Cythia Garton (HPRW)    1:33:10
4 Vince Amos (HPRW)        1:44:40
Fastest Time Neco Kriel (HPRW)  1:18:10

Karen, Lisa and Cynthia
Photo courtesy of ESI Sports Photography 
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Note: *30 min group was previously listed as 25min. Times have been amended