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2016 State Road Team Time Trial

The State Road Team Time Trial has been moved to Elimbah this year and is being held on Sunday 28th August. The ITT championship has been rescheduled for the day before at Urliup (near Murwillumbah NSW).

As always the club pays for all team entries. ALL entries must be done through the club and will be coordinated by Secretary Wayne Wilson. NO ENTRIES should be submitted to CQ by individual members please contact Wayne.

There will be no club racing this weekend as members are expected to respresent the club at this event.

To help record teams, and to find extra members, or place a rider looking for a team, members should use this online spreadsheet which lists all riders in each age division. Please record your team name, or if you are looking for a team on the spreadsheet. If you have problems doing this just email Wayne and he will sort it out for you. If you are looking to contact a member who you think might like to ride in your team, again Wayne can put you in touch.

2016 RTTT Entries

Full details on the CQ Calendar

Please note: Due to the restrictions placed on the Under 9, 11 & 13 age groups an alternate venue and date is being sought to hold their respective RTTT events. Once a decision has been made an announcement will be made.

Event Details

Date: Sunday 28th August 2016

Location: Elimba State School, Elimba QLD

Categories: Junior / Elite / Masters (Men & Women)

Registration: Opening at 7:00am

Canteen: Available on site.

2016 Century and Half Century Rides

This year was very special as it marked the 50th century ride for Bryan Ferris, an absolutely amazing acheivement! Bryan's first ride was when he just turned 16 and he asked the club captain "what is this century ride all about?". Apart from when he was overseas or doing military service Bryan has ridden every single year since in the process logging over a million kilometres. Bryan was awarded a special trophy to mark this milestone and his wife Maria was there to celebrate as well. Congratulations!

Here is Club Captain Matthew Smart's Report:

The 2016 Century Ride was made an even more special event this year with Bryan Ferris participating for the fiftieth time, starting when he was barely sixteen years old.

We arrived at the clubhouse a little after 6am, the air filled with the aroma of freshly brewed espresso and a few photos of Bryan and past rides on the big screen. All riders were keen despite the inclement weather and wet roads, with the ten Half Century riders leaving just on 7AM, and the sixteen Century Riders leaving a few minutes later once Bryan indicated his consent with a blow of his whistle.

Keeping a reasonable pace, riding two abreast, with a few furtive glances and the odd remark at the dark ominous clouds hovering in the distance, we headed north on Sandgate Road. The air remained clear and our spirits high until we crested Old Gympie Road at Bald Hills and Steve Munro struck a smashed beer bottle, almost splitting his new Continental Grand Prix 4000 in two. With a few of Willow’s old school remedies we were able to fix the tyre and get back on our bikes just as the Half Century riders came past, one of them also puncturing.

We regrouped and headed off again. It was great to catch up with some old friends, some new club members, and a few guests. All was good until we reached the heavily potholed Beerburrum Woodford Road, where Steve Munro punctured again. But the stop also gave me time to inspect my own tyres and remove several glass fragments, before they too slowed us down.

Traffic was light on this coolish Sunday, with only two or three shouts of “pay your rego” echoing across the pavement from tribes of motorcyclists and utility vehicle drivers, pre-empted by a whisper of the same rhetoric from an unnamed rider, and causing ripples of laughter through the pace line. I must check the UCI regulations to see if it is allowed to be called a pace line at our speed.

We reached Buck’s Bakery in Landsborough and found they have extended their premises to allow for large groups of travellers such as us, and enjoyed consuming far too many calories and just the right amount of caffeine with the locals who’d braved the dark skies.

The ride home was a more relaxed affair, taking the time for a few videos, photos, and selfies with the man of the day, until once again Steve Munro punctured. Not to be left out, Chris Fraser, our round-up-rider for the day, also punctured.

By the time we reached Melton Road the sun was out, the roads all but dry, and I could smell the sizzling sausages and sensed a cold beer was close. Willow directed Bryan to the front of the group alongside me, despite his protests and embarrassed shrugs of “It’s only fifty rides, it’s nothing,” and we rode the last kilometre as a tight group and entered the club grounds to complete the ride with a sprint finish. Once again I’m not sure it can be called that at our pace.

The Half Century riders, who had actually completed a Metric Century, were still at the clubhouse, cooking sausages and onions cooking, and handing out beer and other beverages. Once we had settled down and Bryan’s wife Maria arrived, Willow presented “Eddy” with a trophy to celebrate his “Outstanding Achievement”. He appeared quite chuffed with this, despite the fact that it will take him a little bit of manoeuvring to fit it in amongst the other memorabilia he has amassed over the years.

Chapeau to Bryan.

It is an honour for me to serve as club captain this year and I feel even more privileged for it to be this particular year of Bryan’s Fiftieth Century Ride. I would like to offer my personal thanks to Willow, Adam for early morning coffees and photos, Chris Fraser for riding round-up, Andrea and the other half century riders for organising the BBQ, and everyone else who helped or participated in this inspiring event.

2016 Century Riders: 2016 Half Century Riders:
Bryan Ferris Andrea Alexander
Wayne Wilson Ted Alexander
Matthew Smart Kim Flesser
Clayton Thiedecke Terry Cocksedge
Rik Taylor Emma Perske
Steve Munro Lindsay Green
Michael Cole Neil Jackson
Phil Jones Gary Alcorn
Thomas Rothlisberger  
Chris Fraser  
Mark Croonen  
Mark McLennan  
Nous Vongsaly  
Matthew Smart
Club Captain

Elliot Schultz selected for Junior Nationals Squad

Congratulations to the 18 juniors selected to travel to Bendigo in September for Junior Nationals Road Championship, which includes our own Elliot Schultz in U17. Elliot did very well in the Balmoral Junior Tour winning the criterium and road race, and 3rd in the prologue and handicap, but had a mechanical during the hillclimb and placed 2nd overall in GC.

Congratulations to our new National Cyclocross Champions!

Two of our juniors Olivia Nendick and Zach Larsson travelled down to Adelaide for the National Cyclocross championship which was run in true cyclocross muddy conditions! Both came away as national champions, Olivia in U19 and Zach in U17. Well done!

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